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Welcome to Indigenize my wellbeing - If you were to lose your job tomorrow (due to a pandemic, corona virus, restructure, sickness) how long can you still provide for your family. This is an online course that was created to serve our people who live week to week paycheck to paycheck. Stop relying on your organisation to be the provider of your family – enrol now to be the ACTUAL provider for your family

Take control of your own Financial Security

Stop giving the responsibility to your workplace

  • Get practical STRATEGIES to gain more ENERGY

    We know when we have more energy we can achieve more. You will learn how to restore your energy holistically and take practical steps to take control of your own Financial Security.

  • Use PROVEN frameworks that creates more TIME

    You will identify proven strategies to live a more deliberate life and as a result create more time to do what is important to you. Living with integrity is about taking control of what is important.

  • Get scripts and tips to achieve Financial FREEDOM

    You will get real life examples of what it means to be financially humble and proven tips on how we can ensure that we can always provide for our family.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Nau mai, haere mai

    • A welcome message from your instructor

    • Learn how to navigate our site

    • Introduction - The importance of financial stability

    • Before We Begin - Expectations

  • 2

    Episode 1: Indigenous Wellbeing - Restore my Mauri

    • Outline of Episode 1: Indigenous wellbeing - Restore my Mauri

    • Episode 1: Indigenous Wellbeing - Restore my Mauri WORKBOOK

    • 1: How to react in a time of crisis

    • 2: What is Mauri and why is it important?

    • 3: How to practically strengthen my Mauri

    • 4: What working on your Mauri looks like

    • Indigenous wellbeing - Restore my Mauri QUIZ

  • 3

    Episode 2: Busy is Bull

    • Outline of Episode 2: Busy is Bull

    • Episode 2: Busy is Bull WORKBOOK

    • 1. Why is being busy bull and overrated

    • 2. What is KAWA

    • 3. How to define your KAWA

    • 4. How to test your integrity

    • 5. How KAWA can help you

    • Busy is Bull QUIZ

  • 4

    Episode 3: Time Creation

    • Outline of Episode 3: Time Creation

    • Episode 3: Time Creation WORKBOOK

    • 1. What is time management

    • 2. How to overcome barriers to time management

    • 3. What is the time matrix

    • 4. How can you use the time matrix

    • Time Creation QUIZ

  • 5

    Episode 4: Financial Humility

    • Outline of Episode 4: Financial Humility

    • Episode 4: Financial Humility WORKBOOK

    • 1. What is financial humility?

    • 2. Introducing the 5 step financial humility blueprint

    • 3. Step 1: Get a clear picture of your finances

    • 4. Step 2: How to manage your spending

    • 5. Step 3: S.C.A.R.E your debts

    • 6. Step 4: Create Savings

    • 7. Step 5 Determine your finance goals

    • Financial Humility QUIZ

  • 6

    Episode 5: Financial Security

    • Outline of Episode 5 - Financial Security

    • Episode 5: Financial Security WORKBOOK

    • 1. What is financial security?

    • 2. Dare to dream mindset

    • 3. Strategy to earn what you're worth

    • 4. Learn to Earn framework

    • 5. Basic Financial Freedom

    • Financial Security QUIZ

  • 7

    What's Next...

    • Congratulations for Completion! What's next?

    • Indigenize my wellbeing bonus give away and resources

    • Feedback Please.

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One of our course participants, Chance, went through the Indigenize my wellbeing process and broke the cycle by utilising the tools and taking his remote control back. Watch the above video to see his journey.